ICST Training Courses – modular, realistic, empowering
Learn awareness, offensive mindset, options, movement, targeting and tools application

Combative Survival training teaches a modular approach to all aspects related to citizen’s defense and combative survival.

  • Develop awareness to avoid confrontation and knowledge of options.
  • Offensive defense and controlled aggression gives you the advantage
  • Defend against single and even multiple attackers.
  • Efficiency of movement helps you avoid getting hit and maintain balance.
  • Learn to move using the body’s autonomic system to control gross motor function.
  • Identify and use improvised tools to empower the weaker to successfully defend against a faster, stronger attacker.
  • Learn counter-offensive targeting, tactics and appropriate threat response.
  • With ICST, your mind is the weapon and your tools can be anything.

Targeting and Application
What makes your threat response effective, whether with hands, tools or weapon is correct targeting and application. This detailed study of the body helps students understand:

  • how the mind and body works together
  • how the mind controls the body’s movement
  • what are the body’s strong points and weak points
  • what are the vital and vulnerable areas to target
  • how to avoid injury to ones’ self

ICST – is effective for men and women regardless of age, ability, size or physical condition. No previous experience or training necessary

ICST philosophies and teachings benefit a wide variety of students. ICST is open to inexperienced as well as advanced individuals, martial artists, professionals, and military and police officers. Students with previous advanced training benefit by enhancing their knowledge and skills and advanced knowledge adds to the overall ICST class experience. Training relies on no prior fighting experience or weapons use, however any prior experience is a definite benefit. The system is universal, working for entry level students as well as advanced warriors; young and old, male or female, even those with limitations and disabilities.

The ICST Student – Always Armed
Students learn to be always armed – applying combative applications using unconventional tools, everyday household or found environmental objects as well as traditional weapons, sticks, blades and firearms. Students will also learn open-hand tactics when nothing else is available.