Designed for Citizen’s Defense, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement and Military

Combativesurvival.com represents the combative survival system developed by Neal J. Hummerstone, founder, director and chief instructor for International Combative Survival Tactics (ICST). Hummerstone is a Grand Master level instructor with over 60 years experience teaching martial arts and combative systems, and master level instructor for military and police combative tactics.

ICST is a close quarter survival/tactical system designed to empower individuals within a relatively short time frame with knowledge and skills to dramatically improve their chances of surviving violent attacks in an urban or other environment.

ICST training combines principles and concepts based on human bio-mechanics, combative targeting and tactics often taught to military and police to give students a tactical advantage with proven concepts and scenarios designed for street survival.

“It shouldn’t take half a lifetime to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to survive a violent threat that can arise in an instant”.

Not to be considered a martial art, which generally involves years of development, conditioning and training, ICST teaches a pro-active offensive approach rather than reactive or defensive, and focuses on efficiency of movement and training. There are no kicks, punches or blocks, no forms or katas, no uniforms or belt ranking. The system is broken down into easy to learn concepts, principles and tactics that streamline the learning curve and empower a wide range of student levels, beginner through advanced. Incorporating ICST concepts, principles and tactics into every day life helps students gain knowledge of options and confidence in their ability to act appropriately and effectively in the event of a threatening confrontation or attack.

Mission Statement: To train every student/warrior as if his life depends on it.

The philosophy behind ICST is to Keep it Simple – close the mind from complex thought processes by focusing on a basic universal system of concepts, principles and tactics, with a minimal number of techniques that are direct and efficient and effective. This universal system acts as a conduit to applying any defensive or combative actions, or martial art technique. The combination of using ICST principles and concepts, tactics and techniques create a personal protection package that is Simple, Efficient, Adaptable, and Logical.