ICST training is offered through regular classes, as well as special seminars and workshops customized for specific groups such as Street Survival For Seniors – separate classes specifically designed targeted for men and women respectively.

ICST teaches Life Skills for teens and young adults to prepare them on the path to adulthood in an appropriate and controlled environment. The Life Skills For Youth Workshop – encompasses separate classes specifically designed for teenage boys and girls and young adults.

ICST – Sanctioned by FUMA – Federal United Martial Artists, Anti-bullying Program
FUMA is a 501 (C) 3 charitable non-profit organization founded in 1981, specializing in providing proactive educational anti-crime programs for communities across the United States.

ICST Combative Survival Training courses are taught in limited sizes. The courses train individuals to act appropriately and successfully during high stress, unexpected circumstances, using environmental or improvised tools, traditional weapons, firearms as well as open hand, and focuses on the concept “One Mind – Any Weapon” where your mind is the weapon and your tools can be anything – or nothing at all.

Classes are instructed in eight modules leading to levels of certification. No two classes are alike. The reason is each group of students, their background and the group’s chemistry and collaboration bring uniqueness to the total learning experience.

ICST is not a fitness class. Training gets right down to the business of survival. If you need to warm up, do so before class. When a person is attacked on the street, there is no time for stretching or warm ups, so what you learn here, you can use at any time.

Current ICST classes taught by GM Hummerstone are held in Orange City, Florida generally on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm, not including holidays. Please contact GM Hummerstone prior to attending any class for the first time. Schedules are subject to change.

Contact us today to attend the next ICST class or plan a workshop for your company or organization.