Aiki Tora Ryu (A.T.R.), founded in 1992 by Grand Master Neal J. Hummerstone, is a hybrid martial art system comprised of an array of the more potent Aiki styles of Budo, filtered down to only the ultra-efficient components and resulting in a consummate form of martial art. The instructional goal of A.T.R. AIKIDO is to empower individuals to learn a complex defensive system in a relatively simplistic manner. Aiki Tora Ryu is a highly effective defensive system that uses a universal set of easy to learn principles and concepts that enables the mind’s ability to effectively react and deal with adverse confrontational situations when high stress, confusion or disorientation is involved and when complex thought processing and fine motor skills diminish.

The philosophy behind Aiki Tora Ryu is to close the mind from complex thought processes and minimize the body’s reactionary gap by incorporating a basic system to act as a conduit to applying various martial art techniques and any other defensive, combative or counter actions. Applying the Aiki Tora Ryu system in a violent situation will dramatically increase the chances of survival. The combination of using the basic set of principles and concepts of self-defense along with effective martial arts technique is what Grand Master Hummerstone calls the S E A L of approval for self preservation. The acronym’s meaning is: Simple, Efficient, Adaptable, and Logical.